// About me //

Chidori  – Tiểu Dĩnh – Dú


Haiphong, Vietnam

ELF – Japan lover

Sadist – Tsundere – Aries

Like SMTOWN, 2PM, missA, KATTUN, Yui, Shounen T, Utada Hikaru, many other Utaites

Also listen to other artists of Jpop and Kpop

 Dislike S9, Fx and Oricon – fans of JYJ

 Bias : Yesung, Junho

OTP : HaeHyuk, TopKyu, KhunWoo, Junbros

Addicted to A-M

Protect LGBT

 Love designing, cosplaying and taking photos so much

 Dream about travelling around the world

// About this blog //

Where I post my reviews about what i like, my fictions, my stories, my artworks, my photos and my cosplays

// Rule //

Everything in this blog belongs to me except what i brought from other sites / people ( I write credit below them ) so please ask me first before you take out anything

Don’t claim anything as yours

No bashing, no war. Peace !


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